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  • Does Dreamscreen have all the equipment I need for a production?
    At Dreamscreen, we have a small amount of equipment that can be hired. For larger productions, we advise that third party gaffer/gripping/camera equipment is brought in. We can discuss your individual needs regarding equipment with a free consultation.
  • How much is the daily rate for the studio?
    We have a dry hire studio daily rate for just the space. If our LED walls or equipment/staff is needed, there are additional charges. We have found no two jobs are ever the same, please contact our producers to discuss.
  • Is there parking available?
    Our studio has a carpark onsite that holds 15 cars, plus ample street parking.
  • How far from the city are you?
    Dreamscreen is located just 30 minutes (33km) from Docklands Studios, and 15 minutes (20km) from Melbourne Airport.
  • What kind of productions do you typically host?
    There is no typical day at Dreamscreen. We have housed productions of all types and sizes including student short films, music videos, TV commercials, feature films, TV shows, documentary, corporate and experimental projects. If you're interested in using our studio facilities, we're interested in talking to you to help bring your vision to life.
  • What resolution does the wall display?
    Our main LED wall, which is 15m (w) x 5m (h) is approximately 5K.
  • Why do I need additional lights if I'm using all the LED walls?
    Think of our LED walls like you would a large soft light. They will do a terrific job creating ambient light but any key light or specialist lighting needs to be introduced.
  • Are the walls hot to film in front of?
    The LED walls generate some heat, but it's minimal. Our volume space has air conditioning to help maintain comfort.
  • Can the LED walls be moved to suit my set design?
    Our LED configuration can be changed to suit the production - depending on your needs and budget. But it's fair to say our normal configuration has suited most productions to date.
  • Do you use Unreal Engine?
    We use Unreal Engine for scenes which require 3D environments with dynamic in-camera parallax and camera tracking. We also utilise AI, 2D and 2.5D solutions depending on production needs and budgets. We'd be happy to advise you on whether creating Unreal Engine scenes is the best approach for your production.
  • Do you have any budget-friendly packages for student films?
    Absolutely. Dreamscreen Australia is a passionate supporter of up-and-coming filmmakers and strives to cater to small student productions where we can. The best way to understand if we're a good fit is to drop a message to our friendly producers and we'll see if we can work some magic.
  • Do you have any internships available?
    Dreamscreen embraces many interns each and every year. While we can't guarantee placements, we are always on the look out for up-and-coming talent and passionate young filmmakers wanting to explore this exciting new field of filmmaking.
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