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Our Staff are AWARD WINNING FILM MAKERS we understand production needs on both  CREATIVE and LOGISTICAL levels. Dreamscreen has a proven track record in Docos, Commercials, TV Drama, Features, Music Videos & Event Installations.

In addition to our stage, we offer a full range of facilities such as:

  •    In camera VFX

  •    Environment Builds

  •    Content creation

  •    Motion Control Robotics

  •    Photogrammetry / Digital Twins

  •    Motion Body Capture

  •    Facial Capture

  •    Turnkey LED virtual production

  •    Mobile LED Volume builds

  •    Virtual and studio based events

  •    Virtual scouting

  •    Pre Vis for productions

  •    Tech Vis

  •    Simulated Travel

  •    Complete end to end solutions

  •    Editing

  •    Virtual Environment lighting

  •    RnD LAB

  •    Customisable LED volumes

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