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We're lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most talented industry professionals around. For larger scale projects, we enjoy being able to collaborate with some of our partners to produce incredible visuals that really test the limits of today's tech.


RDBK Studios is an independent game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They are a team of passionate developers dedicated to creating innovative and immersive experiences. They have knowledge of 3D scanning, asset creation, and using our OptiTrack motion capture system to produce some of the highest quality captures available today.


Captivate Action are specialists in performance capture, stage and screen combat, and movement.

Their innovative team includes Fight Directors, Movement Directors, Motion Capture Directors and Certified Dramatic Combat Teachers.


Deakin University and Dreamscreen have a strong working relationship since our inception in 2021. Every year, Dreamscreen trains a select few talented interns in Virtual Production. We have a research and development co op and equipment share scheme to help support the next generation of filmmakers.


Tracklab is our motion capture technology provider, supporting us with the latest tech and training to make sure we're keeping up with this rapidly evolving space. Grown from a VR background, they have well over 15 years of experience in tracking and support.

Robotface are Australian specialists in motion control camera work for film and television. Our Phantom 4K super slow motion cinema camera delivers details so delicate and vivid they tingle the senses. Their robots are incredible to use in tandem with virtual production and the team are a wealth of knowledge in making your visuals stunning.

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