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Project  |  Fires


Determination, Resilience, Community Sprit and Survival of a catastrophic bushfire season that tore through the hearts of Australia and the world.

With the help of Tracklab, Dreamscreen were able to recreate the crowded Mallacoota wharf scene inside the studio. Have a look at our behind the scenes for Episode 6 of Fires.

Behind the scenes of ABC's FIRES. Shot in 2021, Fires was a new and exciting challenge for Dreamscreen.

This video explains how Dreamscreen Australia were able to create a realistic but safe burnover sequence.

Big thanks to Tony Ayres and the crew who worked with us throughout production.


Thanks to our partners at Tracklab, CVP, Xsens & Deakin Motion Lab.

Director: Michael Rymer

Production Company: Tony Ayres

Dreamscreen Partners: Tracklab / CVP

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