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DSA NEWSLETTER: February 2024

Welcome to Dreamscreen’s first newsletter for 2024!

With a new year comes new and exciting adventures. We are grateful for all of those who inspired our team and embraced the wonderful limitless world of Virtual Production last year.

2023 saw us work on a wide variety of exciting projects including drama series Scrublands, High Country, Apple Cider Vinegar and Fake, commercials and advertising for GWM and Nova Recruitment and workshops for JMC Academy, SWINBURNE University plus VICSCREEN sponsored industry sessions.

Travelling across multiple locations in different vehicles is made easy with the use of our Dreamscreen. Accessibility, reduced costs and removing the necessity to travel are all benefits of shooting on an LED stage.

With our growing library of simulated travel plates, clients can choose from many locations to suit their next projects needs.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Please reach contact for any questions or to stay in contact.


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