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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The cinematic fun continues in this year’s edition of Sportsbet’s Bet With Mates campaign, created in-house for the NRL and AFL seasons.

The humour is just as sharp. The twists on classic scenarios just as entertaining, and this time Palomina’s production is enhanced with virtual production technology from Dreamscreen making Ancient Egypt, deserted islands and the Middle Ages even more realistic.

Creative director, Rambo Goraya stated, “Every year we challenge ourselves to dial up the fun, the level of product insight, the humour and unexpectedness, all in the name of memorability and engagement with viewers. Dreamscreen blew us all away and provided an amazing setting for our ideas.”

The campaign’s five different scenarios will run through 2022 following the same lovable group of friends as they create surprises with the help of Sportsbet’s Same Game Multi and Bet With Mates products.

Jason Thatcher, head of brand and advertising, Sportsbet, commented, “Our audience give us a lot of feedback on the humour and enjoyment Sportsbet campaigns deliver and we never want to let them down. From an effectiveness point of view, we’re excited about our added focus on product this year to make sure we remain relevant and truthful to a growing betting customer base.”

Clay Jacobson, founder and chief executive officer, Dreamscreen, added, “We loved working on the Sportsbet TVCs. Dreamscreen technology comes into its own when creating whole worlds for productions to inhabit. It was a blast moving from Cleopatra’s temple one day, to then be deep into the supernatural caves of the Middle Ages the next.”

The full campaign includes 14 x 30- and 15-second TVCs supported by various edits running across social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) plus OOH and major press. The FTV/PTV and digital campaign launched earlier this month and will remain live on various channels until early next year.

Credits Client & Creative: Sportsbet Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Migliorini Group Manager of Marketing: Tim Hernadi Head of Brand: Jason Thatcher Senior Campaign Manager: Olivia Ferrary Brand Manager: Mitchell Fraser Head of Content Production, Dan Atkins Head of Partnerships and Content: Kathy Schokman Creative Director: Rambo Goraya Senior Creatives, Shaun Conroy & Chris Chard Copywriter& Max Price Production Partner: Palomina Production Producer: Kate Merrin Brand Producer: Rachel Gilkison Director: Matt McCaughey DOPs: Peter Falk & Bob Humphreys Virtual Production: Dreamscreen Australia Production Designer: Lucinda Thompson Editor: Michael Houlahan @ The Insititute of Post VFX & Online: Manimal Post


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